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Design and Control of a PV-FC-BESS-Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System Working in LabVIEW Environment for Short/Long-Duration Irrigation Support in Remote Rural Areas for Paddy Fields


National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India

Turkish Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems 2021; 1: 75-83
DOI: 10.5152/tepes.2021.21018
Read: 254 Downloads: 54 Published: 03 September 2021

The reduction of carbon-based energy consumption is one of the critical challenges of the 21st century. The development of efficient and reliable renewable energy is a significant task of this century. Green revolutions boost agriculture and are responsible for a drastic change in grain production, enhancing energy consumption due to optimum use of the agriculture machinery, basically for irrigation purposes. The scope of this paper is to present a Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) that is capable of replacing the diesel pump commonly used for time-bound irrigation, as in the paddy field for rice production. The proposed experimental HRES system consists of a photovoltaic (PV) generator, a fuel cell (FC), and a battery energy storage system (BESS). This system can provide 0.4 kW, single-phase electrical power, tested under varying solar radiation and load demand conditions, suitable for all-weather electrical irrigation pumps of up to 0.5 HP capacity. Controlling of this hybrid system is carried out in the LabVIEW environment.

Cite this article as: Buts K, Dewan L, Prasad M. Design and control of a PV-FC-BESS-based hybrid renewable energy system working in LabVIEW environment for short/long-duration irrigation support in remote rural areas for paddy fields. Turk J Electr Power Energy Syst. 1(2), 75-83, 2021.

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