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Design and Implementation of a Power Supply for KNX Protocol


Optimus Doruk Elektrik Elektronik Otomasyon San. Tic. A.Ş, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Electrical Engineering, Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, İstanbul, Turkey

Turkish Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems 2023; 3: 90-96
DOI: 10.5152/tepes.2023.23010
Read: 226 Downloads: 78 Published: 22 June 2023

KNX is a widely used organization in the world that standardizes the open system communication protocol for smart home and building automation. KNX controls integrated functions such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting systems, audio and video services, security, and energy management in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial building structures. KNX power supply is designed to ensure the continuous operation of these automation systems by considering the number of devices connected to the system. According to the KNX standards, in devices that are compliant with these standards, the main current and communication signals required for the operation of the devices use the same line. Conventional power supplies cannot cope with these standards and therefore special power supplies are required. In this study, a high-frequency (100 kHz) and high-efficiency (minimum 85%) flyback converter-based power supply with 155–265 VAC input and 30 V 640 mA output values in accordance with KNX standards has been designed and implemented.

Cite this article as: H. Solmaz Akar, E. Akboy and Y. Eyidoğan, “Design and implementation of a power supply for KNX protocol,” Turk J Electr Power Energy Syst., 2023; 3(2), 90-96.

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